I Hate Essay Writing

Essays often represent the worst aspects of any homework assignment. You have to be a self-starter to get on top of the research, organized in order to pull together an outline and focused so that you can write everything up in a way that makes sense. The road map for essay success may be simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. For many students, essays are a nightmare, some even turn to such essay writing services as Write My Essay For Me. But that doesn’t mean they’re doomed to pull down your GPA. Here we’ll tackle a few of the most common problems and offer quick fixes so you can get past the problems and write your essay quickly, easily and with a minimum of pain.

The Problem: I Don’t Know Where to Start

Writing an outline is one of the best ways to write well, but they can be difficult to do. Writers of every skill level know the pain of staring at a blank piece of paper or a blinking cursor on the screen. To get past this obstacle, grab the original essay assignment you received from your teacher. Break the question down into its individual parts and use that as a skeleton for your paper.

The Problem: Research!

Doing research is usually a lot less difficult than people initially believe. When writing an essay, you can often draw on some knowledge you already have about the subject. Using the skeleton you’ve made by breaking down the essay question, begin looking up facts, anecdotes or background information you’re likely to need. Keep a list of website you’ve used but, for now, don’t worry about reworking anything. Just copy and paste or summarize your findings and add them to your evolving essay.

The Problem: How Do I Begin?

Now that you have a rough idea of what you need to cover in your essay, you can treat it like a “Fill in the Blank”. There’s no need to start at the beginning, so jump in with your first paragraph. Working on the body of your essay first will make it easier to construct an introduction after the fact. To begin, write casually, in the same tone you would use in an email to friends, and then go back and polish up the language. Writing in this way gives your brain the ability to be more creative and this can lead to better connections and ideas both n terms of research and how your word your findings.

Now that you have an outline of what your essay needs to cover and the main paragraphs started, the rest of the work is merely a matter of pulling it all together. Reword and summarize the research you pasted into the rough draft, create bullet-pointed lists to break up the text and write both your introduction and conclusion back to back so that they flow well. These three simple steps will let you write your essay in half the time and with surprisingly little effort, all without sacrificing quality or eating into your free time.